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Brand Storytelling

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In today’s digital world, the words "story" and "storytelling" are often being misused or misunderstood.

In Brand Storytelling, I want to bring you back to the heart of brand loyalty, consumer behavior, and engagement as a business strategy, revealing how storytelling triggers the emotions that humans are driven by. This book will guide you to assess, dismantle, and rebuild any brand story, enabling you to celebrate and strengthen your success, rather than simply trying to win it.

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About the book

What will you learn from this book?

"A must-read for anyone seeking to harness the power of brand journalism", Brand Storytelling reveals:

  •   There’s no one way: The wide range of strategies for designing and crafting a story—and why only YOU know which one is best for your audience
  •   The five essential elements to humanizing your brand through storytelling

  •   Empathy Matters: Why this soft skill is essential to storytelling in today’s digital age

  •   The magic tricks that can rev up your brand story into action, and make it enchanting and unforgettable

  •   How to tap into authentic brand loyalty and human connection by aligning brand voice with individual customer values, experiences and aspirations

  •   Machine-learning, AI and automation only tell one side of the story: Actionable steps for people in the IT field to use storytelling to reconnect with the audience

Praise for the book

Industry endorsements

“For any marketers trying to capture the attention of their audience and forge a close bond with their customers, Brand Storytelling transforms storytelling from a buzzword to a tangible, measurable asset.”
Elit Ben Basat Nuriel, Head of Google Cloud Marketing, Israel and Central-Eastern Europe, Google

“An engaging and insightful must-read for all digital marketers and storytellers.”
Michael Raymond, Senior Writer, The Walt Disney Company

Brand Storytelling is an essential practical guide for anyone seeking to harness the power of the brand journalism movement that has revolutionized communications over the past decade.”
Mark Ragan, Chairman and Owner, Ragan Communications and PR Daily

“Rodriguez’ insights are critically relevant for both public and private-sector organizations to survive, succeed and stand out.”
Chris Hsiung, Mountain View Deputy Chief of Police and social media influencer

“Practical, reliable, easy to implement advice for the real world.”
Craig Stilwell, EVP/GM of Consumer and Small to Medium Business, OpenText

“Rodriguez has created a masterpiece with a profound, delicate and fascinating equilibrium, for readers of all ages, in any industry, for any role, for entrepreneurs and business leaders, students and anyone interested in using a guide to understand, value and apply the power of storytelling.”
Dieter Avella, General Manager, Zebra Technologies

“Look no further for your staple resource for the nuts and bolts of brand storytelling”
Breanna Jacobs, Senior Producer of Social Media, Content Marketing & Tech Conference

What's inside

Table of content

Chapter - 01: What is brand storytelling and why is it important?

Chapter - 02: Brand, business, customer? Where to begin in building your brand story

Chapter - 03: The five essential elements to humanize your brand through storytelling

Chapter - 04: Assessing and dismantling your current brand story to redesign a customer-led narrative

Chapter - 05: Shifting the role of your brand from hero to sidekick in your brand story, giving your customer the starring role

Chapter - 06: Bring your story to life with the sixth storytelling element – Passion

Chapter - 07: How to integrate brand storytelling into your marketing mix

Chapter - 08: Embracing dark social, immersive and data-driven storytelling

Chapter - 09: Why 'personal branding' your leaders is a key pillar of brand storytelling success

Chapter - 10: The power of advocacy – Using employees and influencers to celebrate your story

Chapter - 11: Inspire your brand story – Interviews with leading storytellers around the world

Chapter - 12: How to align and integrate brand storytelling into every department

Chapter - 13: Benchmarking and measurement – How do you know your brand storytelling is working?

Chapter - 14: The future of brand storytelling – How machine, AI and automation can only tell one side of the story

Miri Rodriguez

About the author

Hi! I'm Miri! I'm a storyteller and creative journalist at Microsoft. I also lead the Global Internship program. I love to turn storytellers into storylords and that's why I wrote this book.

I'm also passionate about diversity and inclusion. I've earned awards in marketing and customer experience and my consulting clients include Adobe, Walmart and Mckesson.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or email!

You can also visit my website for speaking inquires and to learn more about me!